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Service Outage [Resolved]

[22:55] - Dear Members, those of you who were following the news on our system outage page will know we've been down for around 60 minutes now and continue to work on restoring the service. If you may see this login page but logins will not work until we have the system up and running fully. Please bear with us. We will update news on whatever pages are available. 

[23:10] - Unfortunately the storage server that is causing all of these problems is refusing to stabilise. We've initiated our failover contingency which means that the replicated version of the server data on our backup servers will be pushed to primary mode and the service mounted from those. This is quite an involved process so please bear with us as we complete this. Update again in 20 minutes. 

[23:30] - The failover process has now synced all data to the backup server. These stores have successfully mounted on our mail and web servers and we're restoring services one by one and checking them over. All going well we should be live again by the next update in about 15 minutes. 

[23:37] - The service is coming online now but will take a while to stabilise so the service may be slow for a while. We're keeping an eye on things. 

[23:43] - Server loads are very high still. There is a lot of email to catch up and deliver. This shouldn't take long but it will require some further patience. Thank you for continuing to bear with us. This certainly all has taken much longer than we would have liked. Will update you again, at most after 15 minutes. 

[23:50] - Things are looking better now. If you log in you should be able to access your mail box and email. Mail queues are coming right down. We should have service fully stabilised by midnight hopefully. 

[00:12] - The service seems to be stable now. We will be checking over the faulty server and making any necessary repairs. At some stage we may need to schedule time to rebalance our load again. Thank you so much for your patience this evening. 

Originally Written: 08-Oct-2012 22:51, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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