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Thursday Emails Redelivery +Service Maintenance Notice [COMPLETED]

To those members concerned about the Thursday redelivery please be advised that this is now scheduled to happen tonight from 10pm. Other members please be aware that we are scheduling this off-peak because during this time there will be some delays on inbound mail as we process about 30,000 emails through the system. We will update this post when this has completed. 22:15 - this work is starting now. Update in approx 45 minutes. 11:05 - Mail redelivery is under way. This should hopefully complete within 1-2 hours. We will give a progress update at midnight. 12:05 - Redelivery is progressing well and should not take too much longer. Next update within 30 minutes. 00:30 - Restoration complete and full email flow restored. The held mail backlog will be cleared shortly. 01:00 - Mail backlog cleared and all operating as normal. 

Originally Written: 03-Mar-2010 01:29, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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