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Spam Blacklists not 100% effective

Dear Members - whilst we have restored blacklisting of inbound emails we have noticed that some emails are making it through. This is to do with the method the blacklists have been re-implemented. Without going into too much technical detail, the blacklists are now applied at the very first stage of mail processing rather than near the final stage. At this first stage, it is possible to transmit a message such that the 'sender' is forged, thus bypassing the blacklists. Current blacklists are still blocking around 15,000 emails per day but we are looking to introduce a second defence layer which will apply the blacklists again once the sender address has been confirmed. This may take a few weeks to build and test properly. Meanwhile - if you are suffering from particularly high levels of spam, please email our helpdesk who will be able to put in a manual temporary filter fix for you. Thanks as ever for your understanding.

Originally Written: 15-Dec-2010 11:28, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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