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Problem affecting some accounts [RESOLVED]

[01:00] Dear Members - there is an error on our servers that is resulting in about 8% of accounts having problems with access and mail delivery. We are working to resolve this problem and will have a new update within the hour. 

[01:40] We have identified the problem and are migrating some problem mail accounts which we believe will bring the service online. Please note that whilst we are doing this delivery to all accounts (not just the 8%) has been temporarily suspended. Those emails will be delivered once we have everyone back online. Next update around 2am. 

[02:00] Service should be restored now. We're monitoring and checking mail queues. Will do a final update in 15 minutes or so. 

[02:18] About half of all queued email has now been delivered - about 5000 messages left. This should be done in the next 20-30 minutes. Service appears stable. Our apologies for the outage. It has come to our attention that the first few accounts were affected rather earlier in the evening but these few did not trigger our server alerts. We will, as usual, investigate this failure case and ensure we plan for it in future. 

Originally Written: 26-Jul-2012 01:11, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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