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Brief Outage [Resolved]

20:36 - 20:42
Brief outage caused by 8 servers all appearing to loose power at the same time despite being on battery/generator backups in case of failure. Currently investigating with datacenter the exact cause.

One of the storage servers isn\'t responding, some of you will be unable to login at the current time as a result. Should have it online in a few minutes.

Storage remounted, service fully online. Still determining original cause of the outage.

Datacenter has confirmed that a faulty power breaker tripped and had to be replaced with an on-site spare. Power was down for under 5 minutes but it took a few further minutes for the servers to boot back up. As you know we have been investigating A/B power feeds to prevent any single power fault from taking down the service.

Originally Written: 11-Mar-2010 09:13, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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